Basic Information

Diesel Forklift 2-3.5 Ton

The product shown here is our 2-3.5 ton diesel forklift, which falls into FD20T and FD30C models. Characterized by energy conservation, high efficiency and easy operation, these forklift trucks are widely used in workshops, warehouses, and supermarkets for goods transferring.

1. Our diesel forklift truck is designed with high capacity muffler and integral type hood, so it has good sound reduction and heat insulation performance. This also makes operator feel conformable.
2. Streamlined appearance, firm mast and overhead guard improve both safety and comfortableness.
3. Integral operation system makes our diesel forklift easy to drive.
4. Two types of high rated horsepower engine, ISUZU C240 and ISUZU 4JG2, are available.

Model and technical parameters

Model Unit FD25T
Power Type - Diesel
Load Capacity kg/lb. 2500/5500
Load Center mm/in. 500/19.7
Max.Lift Height mm/in. 3000/118.2
Free Lift Height mm/in. 160/6.30
Fork Size(L*W*T) mm/in. 1070x122x40
Tilt Angle(Fwd/Bwd) deg 6/12
Length to Fork Face mm/in. 2530/99.68
Overall Width mm/in. 1150/45.31
Overall Height Fork Raised mm/in. 4030/157.17
Overhead Guard Height mm/in. 2070/81.56
Min.Right Angle Aisle Width mm/in. 2690/105.99
Turning Radius (outside) mm/in. 2240/88.26
Travel Speed(with/without) km/h 17/19
Lifting Speed(with/without) mm/h 550/580
Max.Grade Ability % 23
Ground Clearance:Mast mm/in. 110/4.33
Ground Clearance:Frame mm/in. 115/4.53
Wheelbase mm/in. 1600/63.04
Tread (Front/Rear) mm/in. 970(38.22)/970(38.22)
Self Weight kg/lb. 3670/8074
Engine Model - ISUZU C240 / ISUZU 4JG2
Rated Output kw/r.p.m 38.3/2500 / 44.8/2450
Rated Torque NM/r.p.m 154/1800 / 186/1800
Displacement cc 2369 / 3059

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of 2-3.5 ton diesel forklift, located in China. In addition to diesel forklifts, we at HYTSU also offer pallet trucks, pallet stackers and other material transferring facilities. All of our material handling equipment are energy saving, reliable and economically priced, thus they are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, and Europe countries, etc.
For more information about our diesel forklift or any other material handling equipment, please click to Products page or contact us at HYTSU Group. We are always ready to serve you!